Research Assistant

I am an energetic and passionate recent graduate in software engineering from Addis Ababa University. Throughout my computer science career, I hope to apply my knowledge of computer science in a variety of projects, and I am eager to learn more technologies and solve societal problems.

Artificial intelligence (AI) research and human-computer interaction(HCI) are two areas of interest for me . I particularly like the problem-solving approach of an AI solution using the HCI method, which takes into account all aspects of human life.

Recent works


I taught young students at the Albert Institute in Addis Ababa in summer 2019. The course covered fundamental computer skills. Because the students were computer novices, I provided them with all of the lessons that would enable them to have sufficient basic computer skills. The best part about teaching was the genuine joy of seeing people grow and be inspired to do more in the area in which I thought of them.

Research Assistant Intern

At the University of Michigan , I am conducting research with Nikola Banovic in the ComputationalHCILab. Understanding and Modeling the Effect of Social Behavior on Virus Transmission to Fight Global Pandemic is the title of the study. The goal of the research is to understand people's behavior in a realistic home environment; a detailed presentation can be found here .

Backend Engeneering

I took a six-month Backend Nodejs course through Gebeya. I learned a lot of technologies as well as the entire process of developing a system with various types of professionals.